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Tow Company Elkridge

Maryland’s Premier Tow Company Elkridge

Ranglins Tow Company

Ranglins Towing is a towing and roadside assistance company located in Elkridge, Maryland. And it’s true, that we now provide genuine 24-hour a day towing and roadside assistance. Whether it’s a busted wheel, broken ball-joint, blown engine, or a worn out transmission, you can trust that we’ll be there to help you through any situation. After an accident, or just a minor slide off, trust Ranglins Towing to provide accident recovery. If you need roadside assistance, there’s no need to remain stranded on the side of the road. Call us.

Call our professional team of tow truck operators today when you need immediate assistance with getting your vehicle back on the road.  We have the best and most highly regarded operators in the industry and a dispatch team that’s second to none in the Elkridge, Maryland area. We are proud of our years of assisting motorists when they need it the most.



Have you ever had one of those days when things just aren’t going your way? You get up late for work, trip over the dog on the way to the shower, and then, to top it off, you leave your coffee cup on top of your car on your way out of the garage, and it spills and breaks all over your windshield.  At least you know you can rely on Ranglins Towing & Recovery if you ever need fast dependable towing and roadside solutions.  How’s that? Feel better? Oops, you got a coffee stain on your blouse.


What You Might Need Our Towing Service Forr.

  • Involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision
  • You Run Over A Nail, or A Curb, Or A Parked Car
  • Your Boston Terrier Locks You Out of Your Car
  • The Road Stops Being A Road
  • A Grass Parking Lot Turns Into a Mud Playground
  • A Beautiful Snow Day Turns Into A Highway Nightmare

What happens if you slide off the road?

The first thing you’ll want to do once you come to a complete stop is to ensure everyone in the vehicle is ok. A word of caution: Please refrain from attempting to free yourself. There are many hazards you could encounter doing so, including, burying your car deeper in the snow or mud, running over something in the ditch and damaging the undercarriage of your car, and driving into oncoming traffic.

After you’ve determined that everyone ok, assess the situation. While remaining clear of the roadway, determine approximately how many feet you are off the road. Then call our dispatch team and we will send a tow truck operator with a tow truck equipped winch that can reach up to 100 feet or more down an embankment. We’ll free your car and provide you with guidance on whether or not we believe your car is drivable.

Why Ranglin’s Tow Company?

We Serve Elkridge, Maryland and Are Ready to Help You in an Emergency!

We offer more than most local tow companies in the Elkridge area. With our fleet of tow trucks, you can count on dependable service and friendly tow operators who are happy to provide you with fast, efficient service. Our goal is to turn your bad experience upside down with our solution-oriented services. Trust Ranglins Towing for all your flatbed transport tow company needs.