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Towing Company Services


Roadside Assistance


Did you run over a curb or pick up a nail, causing a flat tire? Don’t let pesky roadside service issues put you behind for the rest of the day. Call us and we’ll send a knowledgable and courteous tow truck operator to do the dirty work for you.

Flatbed Towing


Take advantage of our premium flatbed towing truck service. Towing with a wrecker is ok, sometimes it must be done. But what you want is for your car or truck to be riding high in luxury, out of harms way. When you call just ask for a “Rollback.”

Police Towing Services


When looking for a towing company to provide police towing and emergency towing in Columbia Maryland, and all of Carroll County, know you have the right to choose whatever towing company you want. Ask for Ranglins.

Ranglins Towing Company

Quality Towing Company Services

At Ranglins Towing, we believe that you deserve quality service. From the moment we pick up the phone to answer your call, our mission is to do as much as is conceivably possible to minimize the difficulties you are having with your car. No one can take away the discomfort you’re feeling, being without a working automobile, our goal is to provide a quality towing solution that solves your vehicle issue as quickly as possible.


Towing Solutions For All Makes & Models

Accident Recovery – Flatbed Towing – Roadside Assistance

We have the experience and expertise to tow any make and model passenger car, truck, mini-van, motorcycle, or SUV. Trust Ranglins Towing, we’re the towing company your friends, relatives, and neighbors have been calling when they need towing or roadside assistance.

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Flatbed Towing

Quickly & Gently Getting Your Car Back On The Road

Relax, Ranglins can handle whatever life throws your way. Regardless of if your car problem has to do with a motor vehicle accident, a car slide-off down an embankment, a tow across town, or a tow to another state, if it needs to be moved we are the ones to choose.  While other towing companies may talk about trust, we understand that to gain trust you must first earn it. That’s what we do every day. Ranglins Towing & Recovery.